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About Factory

HEG International Company Limited is an indigenous firm offering solutions in Telecom Infrastructure (One-Stop-Shop), Power Infrastructure, Fibre Solution, Integration, General Services, Supplies, Managed Services, Conceptual Designs, Building Construction, Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Steelworks Fabrication and Installation, Bore Hole Drilling, Facility Management and General Maintenance.


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Power Services

Supply, installation and commissioning of every brand of power generating set including Hybrid power systems from all the major manufacturers.

BTS Site Build/Site Acquisition

At HEG, we provide site acquisition services to telecom operators for their Network Rollout and expansion program in the country. We establish and locate suitable sites for Backbone and BTS construction, securing title documents and negotiate lease agreement/rents with the proposed lessors.

Managed Services

Integrated Site Maintenance and other managed services to the ICT and Telecoms industry; diesel supply, servicing and maintenance of power generating sets, Hybrid and other power systems and all other civil infrastructure on ICT and Telecom installations.

BTS/Radio Equipment Installation

Certified BTS/NodeB, BSC and MSC equipment installation for all the major vendor equipment types. Our human resources have been trained and are very familiar with the operational modus of the equipment for the various vendors.

Fibre Optic Infrastructure

We have the resource personnel and equipment to handle under ground fibre projects. With the support of our seasoned resource base we deliver from site survey/design to integration of the fibre network

IT Services

Installation and configuration of switches, routers and servers of major equipment vendors, assignment of IP addresses, RAM services and provision of world class high speed internet connection.